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About Cool Concessions

Allow us to take your party to the next level. Since 2004 Cool Concessions has been putting smiles on peoples faces with our professional and clean ice cream trucks. We provide ice cream trucks stocked with ice cream for the family reunion down the road or much larger customers such as major universities, hospitals, and fortune five hundred companies. Having an ice cream truck at your next party, school fun day, wedding, picnic, or just about anything where a dessert item is needed instantly separates you from the rest. We bring a very large selection which includes between 40-50 choices from nationally recognized brands such as Good Humor, Blue Bunny, Rosati and others. Please fill out the form on this page so we can start the process and lock in a date and time frame for your party.

Why Have Us?

  • The ice cream truck experience!
  • Clean and fun ice cream trucks
  • Memorable and unique to your party.
  • Ice cream trucks have seasonal exclusives, not found in any store.

Who We Are

Established in 2004, Cool Concessions is number one in prepackaged novelty ice cream and Italian ice. We are a proud member of the IAICDV (International Association of Ice Cream Distributors and Vendors). We make sure to promote safety, cleanliness, and product knowledge with all of our drivers. Cool Concessions is Board of Health approved and insured. Our drivers are always professional and friendly.

What We Do

At Cool Concessions, we will create an ice cream truck menu to meet your needs. We happily work with you to put together a package for your specific party or event. Cool Concessions also sells all your favorite treats in wholesale and works to fabricate and restore ice cream trucks.

When & Where

Our trucks can be made available on just about any day! Our facility is based in Brick, NJ and we are able to travel to different venues.


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